Ok, today maybe is not MY DAY… to rethink again for what i’ve been through-what i’ve done… arrggghh… i felt so stupid 😦 You know that i have to face TOEFL’ s test this morning. Honestly, i’m not well prepared. I never meant to underestimated those test, really! But i’m seriously not in the best mood for study even i’ve collected couple tutorial books about TOEFL. Thank God, today is Prediction TOEFL. I considered those as an exercise before i took the real test (Institutional TOEFL) next week. For your information, the last time i took those kind of tests is about 5 years ago. Since then, i NEVER practiced my English properly. I have no partner to do so. English still sounds familiar only by watching movies (but i still need to read subtitles*grin)

Yeah, i did stupid things during that test. i put the answers on the WRONG BOX in answer sheet…ARRGGHHHH!!! What on earth am i thinking??? So sreeewww… !! So i have to erase and rewrite them back. Not all answer, of course, but still wasting times. After that i felt useless to continue the test, but i still finished them though. I just not really care whether i put the right answer or not… i don’t rechecked those answers. Don’t really care for the result. What the hell. I hope I am not gonna do this stupid thing in the next term and get WAY better scores than this *sigh