udah lama banget gak nge-blog. ini adalah blog yang ke-2. terakhir gw bkin & update blog, itu dah bertahun-tahun yang lalu… dari jaman kuliah sekitar tahun 2000an. dah sepuluh tahun berlalu, baru sekarang hati gw tergerak untuk bkin blog lagi.

dan orang yang mengenalkan blog untuk pertama kalinya ke gw adalah yang akan -InsyaAllah- menjadi suami gw dalam beberapa bulan lagi. funny isn’t? he was my college’s sweetheart. we used broke up once, then lives with our own separated life, in different cities, different islands.

years passed away, (almost) no contact at all…then suddenly he called me -in the middle of crazy phone calls that i have to answered- informed about job vacancy as public officers. it’s around 2008. i felt surprised, never crossed in my mind that he will reached me, called me! i couldn’t believe my ears!! well… if he only sent me text, i wouldn’t be that surprised 🙂 he even registered and sent my application via email by himself. all i have to do just followed the tests. Alhamdulillah, in early 2009, i started my new job (i don’t want to talk about my old job. better leave it that way *grin)

he’s also works as public officer now, then we’re getting close. LOTS of things happened, so many considerations/questions from both sides to get next level, could we keep this relationship even we’re in different cities etc… etc.  but we keep going. i remember he said: “kalau terlalu banyak pertimbangan, kita kapan bahagianya?” (kurang lebih kata-katanya seperti itu;) those words give me strength to face every doubts. in couple months, our parents met and make certain about our plan to get married (i write it simple, but the truth is the process wasn’t that smooth… Alhamdulillah, we can make it through)

now we have to face “preparations days”with so many chaotic stuffs and new doubts like: can we survive in our marriage’s life then? can we keep this marriage till death do us apart? we never know the future, it hasn’t came yet. so, now, i keep optimist and pray, wish that we’re good life-partner for each other…

Ya Allah, give strength and protection to our boundaries… don’t let us be separated again. amin.